Marathon Infinity Available for iPad

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Sol Deo Gloria Productions released Marathon Infinity for the iPad on Thursday, bringing the final installment to the Marathon trilogy to the multimedia tablet. Marathon was first released for the Mac in 1994 and changed the first person shooter genre with its graphics, game play, and intelligent enemies.

The classic Marathon Infinity now on the iPadThe classic Marathon Infinity now on the iPad

Marathon Infinity includes 25 levels divided across four chapters, offers five hidden levels, includes exploration missions along with puzzles, a wide range of weapons for attacking the Pfhor enemies, and more.

Marathon Infinity, along with Marathon and Marathon 2: Durandal are free and available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.



I love the Marathon games, and I just finished playing the free Mac version of Marathon Infinity (yet again). I’ve tried Marathon for the iPad, but the control mechanism leaves a little something to be desired compared to a mouse and keyboard. It’s tough to get the same level of accuracy of movement and aiming, without a mouse/trackball/touchpad.

Also, while Infinity is great, I actually prefer Marathon II: Durandal. It seems like a more cohesive story. Also, of the free versions of the games in the Marathon trilogy, someone actually took the time to improve on the look of the NPCs for Durandal, but not for the original game or Infinity. That seems strange.

Lastly, I know that Halo kinda, sorta is like a modernized version of Marathon, but I really wish someone would come out with a really modern sequel/prequel to Marathon, in the same general storyline. That or totally re-do the originals with modern graphics and physics and maps that are a little more realistic. Not being able to jump up, at all, is really frustrating.

Jeff Gamet

It took me a while to get used to the iPad control in Marathon. Once I did I really enjoyed playing the game, and since it’s on my iPad I could play a level when I had a few extra minutes and then get on with my day. I’m really looking forward to hopping into Infinity on my iPad.

And I do remember playing the Marathon games on my Mac when they came out. Ah, the good old days. smile


Now the only scenarios lacking are EMR Infinity and Rubicon. With those two, I think we could call the collection complete (though I suppose others would like to see some other scenarios added, for instance, Red or Return to Marathon)


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