MarketWatch Dubs Steve Jobs CEO of the Decade

Apple CEO Steve landed at the top of the MarketWatch CEO of the Decade list. Mr. Jobs beat out CEOs from Amazon, Google, Starbucks and Cummins thanks to his impact on the world of technology over the past ten years.

“After pulling his own company back from the brink of bankruptcy before the decade started, he almost single-handedly went on to save the recording industry with the iPod and iTunes,” MarketWatch said. “He revolutionized handheld devices and touch-screen technology with the iPhone. And he may well usher in a post-PC era of computing with his latest gadget, the iPad.”

Apple CEO Steve Jobs speaking at a media event

Endpoint Technologies CEO, Roger Kay, called Apple’s turn around with Mr. Jobs at the helm the biggest business story of the decade. “It’s on par with Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell in terms of its total impact,” he said.

Jeff Bezos from Amazon, Google’s Eric Schmidt, Howard Schultz of Starbucks, and Tim Solso from Cummins were all in the running for the top CEO honor, too.