Mavericks: Send Maps Info to iOS Devices

I really like the new Maps program in Mavericks, and one of my favorite features of it is the ability to send anything you’re looking at—be it a location or directions—right to your iOS 7 device. To do this, just find where you wanna go within Maps on your Mac, and then click the arrow on the toolbar.

As you can see, within that menu are the usual sharing suspects, like Email, Messages, and AirDrop. (And by the way, if you email maps to someone this way, it formats the information beautifully, in my relatively humble opinion.) Also under that menu, though, are options for sending to your devices. Pick the one you want, and the device will get a notification.

Slide to view it if you’re on the lock screen (or press “Show” if your device is unlocked), and you’ll be taken right to what you were viewing on your Mac.

Pretty nifty! As I noted, this'll work just as well if you're looking up directions instead of a location:

And as an additional Maps sharing tip, there’s also a File> Export as PDF option in the program. This’ll be useful to me for when I’m sending directions to others; unlike when you email someone the information, the PDF includes pretty turn-by-turn directions, without the recipient having to click links or do anything fancy.

This will be great to send to any folks you know who aren’t tech-savvy, as they’ll be able to just print out directions in a couple of steps. Mavericks, I'm already liking you. You can stick around.