MCX Member Best Buy To Accept Apple Pay

Best Buy will accept Apple Pay mobile payments in its retail stores later this year, and in its Best Buy mobile app starting immediately via an update to the app. The news came from Apple CEO Tim Cook, who mentioned it during Monday's quarterly call with financial analysts. This is notable because Best Buy was one of the members of the MCX alliance, along with Walmart and CVS, that had rejected Apple Pay when it was unveiled in the fall of 2014.

MCX was the group that hitched its wagon to the CurrentC star. You may remember CurrentC from such headlines as Retailers to Apple Pay Customers: Shut Up and Keep Your Money! and MCX Holds Press Conference; Does Itself No Favors.

Behold! Today's Best Buy app update includes Apple Pay. Our long national nightmare is over!

CurrentC is the payment system that isn’t even accepted anywhere yet, and makes things so much easier by not bothering with security and hooks directly to your bank account, making disputes more complicated and mistakes far more immediate than with a credit card transaction.

In the aforementioned press conference, it was noted that there’s no penalty for a merchant that ends its relationship with MCX, and that said relationship is exclusive. So it stands to reason that Best Buy is no longer part of the CurrentC cabal.