Mea Culpa - What WERE Those Glass Pics?

As was the case with many of you, today TMO staffers and friends looked onward and watched as Apple introduced their now famous iPad tablet device. We all had lots of questions, of course, one of which was, "and how close is it to the glass pictures we recently posted?" The answer? Close... but no cigar. Yes, they both have the home button, and are approximately the same size, but dimensions are definitely different, as is the layout. 

So what were those pictures of, anyway? We think we have an answer. Or, more accurately, TechCrunch's Jason Kincaid does. Check out the video below.

Apple's mystery glass: In-store displays

Nice to know the glass was of something being used, even if it wasn't the iPad. That's, OK, though, because we know you had as much fun as we did speculating about it!