Merging iCal Calendars

Itis easy to set up multiple calendars in iCal so you can group all of the important events in your life in a logical manner. If you later find that you want to merge two of those calendars together, thatis not quite as easy to figure out.

Even though it isnit obvious how to merge two calendars, it isnit difficult once you know how. Hereis what to do:

  • Select the iCal calendar you want to merge with a different calendar.

  • Select a calendar to merge from the Calendar column.
  • Choose File > Export, and save the exported calendar file to your Desktop.
  • Now drag the exported calendar file from your Desktop back into the iCal Calendars column.
  • The Add events dialog should appear. Choose which calendar you want to add the events to from the pop-up menu in the dialog.

  • Select a calendar to merge from the Calendar column.
  • After the two calendars finish merging, go ahead and select the exported calendar in the Calendars column and delete it.
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