Mesa Dynamics Releases Amnesty Singles 1.2

Mesa Dynamics released Amnesty Singles 1.2 on Tuesday. The new version introduces support for widgets authored by Appleis Dashcode widget development software.

The new version also supports widgets that utilize the Mac OS X native AppleClasses.

Amnesty Singles

Some Dashbord widgets are desirable enough and sophisticated enough to run as stand alone applications. Amnesty Singles is a drag-and-drop utility that allows any Dashboard widget to be converted into a standalone application for Mac OS X. Drag any widget file onto Amnesty Singles, and out comes a small application that runs the widget outside of Dashboard.

Amnesty Singles 1.2 is a Universal Application and requires Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later. Mac OS X is recommended. There is a free trial period, and the app is priced at US$9.95.