Microsoft Brings Office 365 to the iPhone

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Microsoft's Office Suite finally embraced the iPhone on Friday with the introduction Office Mobile for iPhone. The app lets iPhone owners view and edit -- at least to a degree -- their Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files in an iOS-native app, but only if they have an Office 365 subscription.

Microsoft is finally bringing its Office Suite apps to the iPhone, but only for Office 365 subscribersMicrosoft is finally bringing its Office Suite apps to the iPhone, but only for Office 365 subscribers

The iPhone app will maintain document formatting and layout for files created on Mac or Windows, supports in-document commenting, uses Microsoft's SkyDrive online storage service to store and share files, supports file syncing between devices, and more.

You'll need a subscription to Office 365 (priced starting at US$99.99 a year) to use the iPhone app, and there isn't an iPad-native version available yet. Microsoft's official, and wonderfully elegant, name for the iPhone app is Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers. It's free and available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.

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The lack of the Office Suite apps on iOS has always felt like a glaring omission on Microsoft's part, so it's nice to see the company finally release something even though other developers stepped up and shipped their own versions long ago. The fact that Office Mobile requires an Office 365 subscription and doesn't include an iPad version, however, feels like yet another glaring omission on Microsoft's part.

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I’ve worked with Office365 at work. After about 9 months of trying to get it to do what we wanted (in a Win7 environment no less) we gave up. It’s lame, crippled, buggy and unreliable. It didn’t have the functions we needed for a full Office and due to connection unreliability it was not there when we needed it. That’s not even counting my visceral hatred of software-as-service.


Is MS not offering an iPad version because that would remove the main reason for purchasing their tablet?


I wonder what the connection is between Bing searches in SIRI and the release of Office for iPhone.

Also, it looks like the developers at Microsoft have had early access to the new iOS 7 UI…


Crickets chirping…

Peter Kelly 1

I was speaking to someone from Microsoft last night about this and apparently there’s an iPad version due within the next couple of months. I don’t know any more details at this stage but it will be very interesting to see whether it’s the full thing or just a very basic version like what is currently on the iPhone.

Getting Office on the iPad is one of the biggest opportunities of the decade for MS, and whether they get it right or wrong will have a huge impact on the future of both Office and the iPad. In the mobile space, the latter already seems to be doing pretty well, and I think it would be very much in MS’s interests to provide the full set of functionality of the desktop version on the iPad. Given their apparent inability/unwillingness to produce a Metro/Modern UI-native version for Windows RT I’m not convinced they’ll be able to pull it off.

Interesting times ahead - I’ll be watching closely smile

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