Microsoft Brings Xbox Music to iPhone Ahead of iTunes Radio Launch

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Microsoft released an iPhone and iPad compatible version of its Xbox Music app on Monday ahead of Apple's iTunes Radio launch. Apple has been testing its music streaming service with iOS 7 beta and is expected to officially launch it when the new version of its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch operating system ships.

Xbox Music comes to the iPhoneXbox Music comes to the iPhone

Xbox Music lets Xbox owners stream music without ads, manage music playlists that sync to other Xbox Music-compatible devices, listen to artist-based stations, and more. Microsoft says Xbox Music for the iPhone will soon offer download support for offline music listening, too.

Apple announced iTunes Radio during its World Wide Developer Conference in June and has offered the service to developers as part of its iOS 7 beta program. Apple's streaming music service offers several pre-built stations, plus users can build their own. It will be free with ads, although iTunes Match users can listen to stations ad-free.

Microsoft's Xbox Music service requires an Xbox Music Pass. The app is free and is available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.

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Of course Microsoft launched an Xbox Music app for the iPhone. iTunes Radio is coming, and Microsoft doesn't want to lose its listeners to Apple's streaming music service.

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I still don’t get the demand for streaming music in this age of limited data. If you listen just 10 minutes a day, you could very quickly bang against your cap and incur (IMO) very large overage charges. Of course, this won’t apply if wi-fi is available, but there are many places where it isn’t.

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