Microsoft Phones in an iPad Attack Ad

It's like the company isn't even trying any more. Microsoft has released another iPad attack ad—this time supporting a Dell Windows RT tablet—but as far as attack ads go, this one was phoned in. Maybe they were using a Windows Phone device and were simply too bored to care?

You might remember that Microsoft ran an ad harnessing Siri to criticize the iPad's inability to run two apps side by side. "Should we just play 'Chopsticks?'" Siri's voice asked in that ad. It was misleading, but moderately amusing. Maybe.

Microsoft followed that up with an ad that erroneously charges that there are no Office-compatible apps on the iPad—there are dozens of clones. The company's point was that Office is available for Windows RT and Windows Pro devices. Any points the company might have gained for having Office were eradicated for the lie. The ad didn't run very long, so it must not have been successful.

We got the next installment in the series on Friday, an ad that shows Siri freaking out about not being able to zoom out to look at all of your available apps (like you can with a Windows RT tablet). She's also made to object to the (evidently really stupid) iPad operator who tries to insert a flash memory card in non-existent slots.


A Lazy Way to Make a Point

Let me ask a question: didn't we already come to grips with the fact that no one gives a crap about having—or not having—a flash memory card slot on their smartphone or tablet? Is this really a selling point?

Which brings me to a point I've been making for a while now. If you're Microsoft and you are studying the success of the iPad, and what you walk away with is that people really want a Flash memory slot—or a keyboard—you're doing it wrong.



Microsoft needs a new CEO, a product guy or gal, someone with vision. The guy they have there now—Steve Ballmer—let's commercials like this hit the airwaves.

The ad in full:

One more thing: What's up with that dirty gray background both devices are sitting on? It's gross.