Microsoft Releases Office for iPad Updates to Include Printing

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An update to Office for iPad was released today which now enables Office users to print their Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents to any AirPrint supported printer.

Today’s update also includes SmartGuides in PowerPoint, and AutoFit in Excel, along with the usual bug fixes and general improvements.

If you still haven’t picked up an Office 365 subscription yet, you can do so within the apps themselves. If you can wait for shipping, a year’s subscription key card from Amazon is currently US $68, even less than the $6.99/mo Personal plan which debuted shortly after Office for iPad was released.

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The AutoFit feature is one of our favorite feature in desktop Excel, glad it’s available now on the iPad version as well.

The keyboard shortcut for AutoFit on the PC is ALT, O, C, A. We love keyboard shortcuts and developed a keyboard cover overlay that shows the 20 most commonly used shortcuts for formatting and data manipulation. Learn more at

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