Microsoft Censors Tweets in Zune Twitter App

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Microsoft is doing its part to keep its Zune HD media player family friendly by censoring the content in its new Twitter client app. The application displays all of the tweets in your timeline, but stars out words that Microsoft apparently deems inappropriate, according to Engadget.

Tests tweets with words that aren't allowed on prime time television showed the first letter with stars for the remaining letters, like "f***."

Censoring isn't the only problem Zune HD owners will face with their new Twitter client. It seems the app also offers poor performance and fails to respond to button taps, and the Zune HD's Wi-Fi connection drops out regularly, too.

The Zune HD might be getting some good press, but it looks like some of the apps Microsoft is rolling out aren't doing much to help its image.

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I don’t know where you heard that this Twitter App has poor performance, but this accusation is false.  I downloaded the app to my Zune HD today and it works fine.  I’m not sure about the censor thing though but honestly, it’s not that big of a deal.


They still make that thing? Hadn’t heard about it since last Christmas…


Is it still brown?


Well, it might be IN the brown…


Careful what you say here.  The Zune may be the best thing Microsoft has going.

XSemper Idem5

The Zune may be the best thing Microsoft has going

If it is then that’s sad.


The Zune may be the best thing Microsoft has going.

Sorry, but Win7 runs laps around the Zune platform. There are more than 10 people who actually want to use Win7…



I stand corrected.  I never suspected such a deluge of support for Win7 grin

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