Microsoft Dances Its Way Into Shoppers' Hearts

It looks like Microsoft may have a thing or two it can teach Apple about making an impression on customers through interpretive dance -- or at least the electric slide. The company's Mission Viejo store staff recently got its groove-thing on in attempted to ramp up its coolness factor with a choreographed dance routine for customers.

The entire floor staff in the Microsoft Store broke into dance for over four and a half minutes while several customers watched. The routine looked to be an attempt to show customers how cool and fun Microsoft stores are, although most of the customers appeared to either ignore the employees or offer up looks of confusion. A few shoppers joined in and danced with the staff, too.

Microsoft hasn't said if dance numbers will become routine in its stores, but that isn't stopping us from hoping their next production will be an interpretive song and dance number set to Guys and Dolls.

[Thanks to Engadget for the heads up.]