Microsoft Goes for Video Editors in New Laptop Ad

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Microsoft's latest "You Find It, You Keep It" ad is aiming for video pros hunting for the right laptop computer. Like the other ads in the series, Microsoft sets a dollar limit and will but the computer and if the person can find a laptop in the price range that meets their needs.

The new ad features "Sheila," a video editor that's looking for a laptop with a big screen and fast processor, but dismisses a MacBook Pro because it ships with 2GB RAM. She also claimed she didn't have a preference in computer platforms even though she implies that she's already editing video.

Sheila ultimately settles on an HP laptop.

Like Microsoft's other "You Find It, You Keep It" commercials, the "Sheila" ad never mentions any Microsoft products -- including the company's Windows operating system -- and instead focuses on showing that Windows-based PCs cost less than Macs.

The commercial is currently available on the YouTube Web site.

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Yeah, good luck with that Sheila.

2 Gigs of Ram on an MBP operates more efficiently than 4 on Windows. Easily. The Unix based memory manager in OS X takes care of that. And you can easily add more Ram to the MBP if you need it.


These commercials have been a load of…you know so far. Their arguments are weak, and like any ad on TV, targeted at people who have no clue.

I particularly liked the one where the shopper comes in looking for something “portable” and “powerful.” He then leaves with a giant 17”+ pizza box-sized behemoth. Seriously?

The previous one, where the shoppers are drooling over a Windows-based machine and say “Bluuurayy!” like it’s this awesome thing that would make or break the deal for them. I have never heard anyone I would consider an average consumer react that way to BluRay. Most don’t even know what it is…

Lee Dronick

How much additional did spend on “video cutting” software?


I think you’re missing the point of these commercials. They are not intended to create logical arguments for a particular purchase. They are intended to create a negative *emotional* argument against the Mac. The logic is just what the purchaser uses to validate their already-made emotional decision.

What these ads are doing is create a baseline negative emotional reaction to the Mac. Note that they (smartly) don’t spend very much time on the Mac at all, they simply dismiss them more or less in passing. That’s the perfect approach, because that’s what MS wants people to do to the Apple ecosystem as a whole.

Bringing a logical argument into this is arguing that green does not equal 4. It’s meaningless and achieves nothing. The right counterapproach is - “Smart people buy apple products because they value their time. Cheap people who don’t value their time and don’t know quality when it’s staring at them settle for PCs”. Equate buying a PC with buying greasy potato chips and buying a Mac with buying fresh fruit. If you’re going to be accused of being elitist anyway, make it a selling point.


This is one very stupid person. She decides to buy a HP laptop instead of a MacBook Pro for a similar price, even though the HP has a lower resolution display, the display isn’t LED backlit, slower processor, and it is larger, thicker, and weighs 7 pounds (!) just because the HP has 4GB of memory instead of the 2GB standard in the MBP? Does she realize that she could buy 4GB of RAM (if she really needs it) for the MBP for under $50 and end up with a much better computer for video editing than the HP? Guess not.


You’re absolutely right, Montresor.  But Sheila is, nonetheless, an idiot.  And her teeth are frightening.  “Cut video”? Where do they find these people? What I would give to see her films…

It’s also worth noting: these are obviously not intended to switch people from mac-to-pc, but rather to prevent people going pc-to-mac.  Hence, logical arguments aren’t really important, as there really isn’t much a logical argument for not getting a mac—especially if you “cut video”.


Like the other ads in the series, it ends with the actor taking the bribe. Great punch line.


redwall_hp: “These commercials have been a load of?you know so far. Their arguments are weak, and like any ad on TV, targeted at people who have no clue.”

Well, that’s about 90% of the market, I’d guess. As for the 2GB vs 4GB argument, that reminds me of the MHz argument that was used in the 1990s. Meaningless in the context, but meaningful to the average consumer that knows noting about what they’re buying.



My dad used to say that companies advertise their weakest point. That is to say they shout about how great they are at something they are really bad at. The louder they are the more likely they are really bad at what they are bragging about. His favorite example was Wonder Bread advertising their nutrition.

I think of that when I see Microsoft pushing how less expensive Windows systems are than Macs. Once you add the software to do what you want and the software to protect your Windows system, and other accessories, adaptors, patches and such and then the extra time and effort it takes you to keep it all running and to try to do what you want, this less expensive system becomes very costly.


Any video editor worth their weight would never pick a Windows based machine, even if they don’t like Macs much.  “Sheila,” will find that she will not get jobs because she will be unable to run Final Cut Pro and the other software that goes with it.  It doesn’t run on Windows and it never will.  She is undoubtedly using Adobe Premiere which isn’t considered a professional program by anyone in the video business.  She got very bad advice.


Sad. @richb is right…

A lack of Final Cut Pro skills is a job killer. Sure you can do Avid but that’s mostly restricted to broadcast TV on the high-end and Apple has completely taken over everything else. Adobe Premiere is for kids and kids use iMovie.

Bad advice indeed.


It is sad.

By the way, soemeone on another board drew me to watch the ad again:  Check out the very expensive car in the handicapped spot at the very end of the commercial.


Another HP? You sure these aren’t HP ads ?

Lee Dronick

By the way, soemeone on another board drew me to watch the ad again:? Check out the very expensive car in the handicapped spot at the very end of the commercial.

I don’t think that the car is hers, but she must have been parked way out in the lot and it took a long time for her to reach her auto. Watch the video, particularly the end. She comes out of the store and it is sunny, by the shadows a few hours before sunset. When the ad ends, and presumably she is at her car, it is nighttime. Either that or they did a lot of takes and the video has been “cut.”



I found your post to be pretty profound, and I agree.  Budweiser advertising “great taste”, and “freshness”,  MS advertising video editing.  Definitely one in the same stupid ad lines….


Well it isn’t called ‘Final Edit Pro’, so there you go.

Lee Dronick

Well it isn?t called ?Final Edit Pro?, so there you go.

Well that only runs on a Mac smile


Computers are like Flatware.  Metal is better than plastic.


I Still say Apple could easily counter these ads with a single “I’m a Mac” ad in which John Hodgman shows Justin Long a big fistful of cash he “saved” being a PC instead of a Mac.  Then Justine names, one at a time, 4-5 features he’ll have to pay more for to match the features of a Mac. At the end of the last one, PC is out of cash and asks Justin for a loan.

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