Microsoft Goes for Video Editors in New Laptop Ad

Microsoft's latest "You Find It, You Keep It" ad is aiming for video pros hunting for the right laptop computer. Like the other ads in the series, Microsoft sets a dollar limit and will but the computer and if the person can find a laptop in the price range that meets their needs.

The new ad features "Sheila," a video editor that's looking for a laptop with a big screen and fast processor, but dismisses a MacBook Pro because it ships with 2GB RAM. She also claimed she didn't have a preference in computer platforms even though she implies that she's already editing video.

Sheila ultimately settles on an HP laptop.

Like Microsoft's other "You Find It, You Keep It" commercials, the "Sheila" ad never mentions any Microsoft products -- including the company's Windows operating system -- and instead focuses on showing that Windows-based PCs cost less than Macs.

The commercial is currently available on the YouTube Web site.

[Thanks to TMO forum member rattyuk for the heads up]