Microsoft Promotes IE8 with Barf Ad

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Microsoft is promoting its Internet Explorer 8 Web browser with a series of new ads featuring actor Dean Cain, a series of acronyms, and a woman that vomits after seeing her husband's Web browser history.

Each of the ads touts features in Internet Explorer 8 -- many of which have been available in competing applications like Safari and Firefox for some time -- like private browsing and contextual menus.

While Microsoft may be trying to make its ads seem hip and enticing, it looks like the company still needs to watch other ad campaigns a little closer for some pointers. The ads, complete with vomit, are available at the YouTube Web site -- whether you like it or not.

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This has to be a joke. Surely a respectable corporation wouldn’t go so low with an advert as bad as this.

Lee Dronick

This has to be a joke. Surely a respectable corporation wouldn?t go so low with an advert as bad as this.

Interesting that it is not being aired on TV. Maybe it was just a fun thing they did when making one of their usual style of uncreative ads. An outtake if you will.


Here is another one almost as bad.  (No barf, at least.)

Shock ads can work, but not if the product is totally lost in the ad.  Perhaps they figure that their target audience doesn’t really have a choice and just needs to feel good about what they are stuck with?

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Hilarious ad. OMGIASCTMN (“Oh My God I Almost Spit Coke Through My Nose”) when they beeped out Hairy—————————————dot com.

The only people who won’t find this funny are Apple fanbois and holy rollers. If they could find a way to offend those idiots who bought “Smart” cars, they’d nail a trifecta.


Can we PLEASE stop using “fanboy” and the oh-so-hip variation “fanbois” (WTF is that? A nod to Avril Lavigne?).  It’s mindless, lazy, net-speak jargon and an insult to the intelligence. If you must describe a fervent Apple fan, please just use “apple zealot”.  It’s actually one less letter to type and it doesn’t make you look like a trendy jackass.


Yeah, using “fanboy’ is just cheesy insult from a Windows weirdo.

Nope, couldn’t even say it with a straight face. The need to hurl insults is just beyond me.


The fanboi label predates Avril Lavigne by about 20 years.


Having someone throw up in your ad is a great way to make people want to use your product. It looks like they’re saying IE8 will make you puke.

Lee Dronick

It looks like they?re saying IE8 will make you puke.

Well it wasn’t IE8, or any other version of IE, which while ugly isn’t really puke inducing. If you read his lips you can go determine the websitehe had been visiting


Man, Microsoft is really getting desperate when they have to focus their advertising on 13 year old boys who think fart jokes are what comedy is all about. Why don’t they just put their energy into making better products?


video removed but the thumbnail image remains, ugh. glad I didn’t eat ...

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