Microsoft Promotes New Head at MacBU

Microsoft announced Friday that Eric Wilfrid would be taking the helm of the Mac Business Unit (MacBU), the companyis Mac software development unit. Mr. Wilfrid replaces outgoing General Manager Craig Eisler who has been moved to a new position at the company.

Mr. Wilfrid has been with the MacBU since it was created in 1997. He was most recently a Product Unit Manager within the MacBU, and he has worked on all of the major Office for Mac releases since the MacBU was created.

Eric Wilfrid

According to Microsoft, the General Manager of the MacBU includes, "managing the strategic vision and direction for all of MacBUis software and online products developed for the Mac platform, managing the business relationship with Apple Computer Inc., and leading one of the largest teams of Mac-focused developers outside Apple."

Microsoftis MacBU was most recently in the headlines after CEO Steve Ballmer said that Mac users donit get the full version of Office, and vice president Brad Brooks called Office for Mac "stripped down."

Before those recent attacks from Messrs. Ballmer and Brooks, the MacBUis product offerings have been promoted heavily by Microsoft and Apple alike, and Apple still promotes Office for Mac in its advertising and during Steve Job keynotes. MacBU general managers have a long history of reaching out to the Mac community, and of looking to make their product offerings be as Mac-like as possible.