Microsoft Releases Free Xbox App for iOS

Microsoft Xbox gamers can now keep in touch with the Xbox community from their iOS device with a new app called My Xbox LIVE. The free app lets you connect with your Xbox LIVE account and access a variety of features while on the go.

My Xbox LIVE Screenshots

My Xbox LIVE Screenshots

My Xbox LIVE has three main features: home, social, and games. Home spotlights the latest news and tips/tricks. Social allows you to connect up with your Xbox friends, see who is online, and send messages. You can also view and change your avatar. Games shows recent games you’ve played or purchased and lets you view your achievements.

The app sports the Metro design for the interface, which is also part of the recent Xbox LIVE update as well as part of the Windows phone and Windows 8 platforms. The consistency in look should make this app feel comfortable for Xbox gamers.

My Xbox LIVE is a hybrid app designed for both the iPhone and the iPad and is available for download from the iTunes App Store.