Microsoft Resumes Distribution of Windows XP SP3

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that they have resumed the availability of Windows XP SP3 at the Microsoft Download Center. Distribution was halted last week when a last minute incompatibility with Vista SP1 and the Dynamics Retail Management System (RMS) software was discovered.

Microsoft has published a hotfix for the RMS issue and advised that it be installed first. In addition, Microsoft advises that the stand alone installer be used for IT professionals who plan to deploy on more than one computer.

For individual users, Microsoft recommends using the Windows Update feature in XP. This is described as a "smaller, more appropriate download." (67 MB)

The network installer, with details, shows a 316 MB download.

This reporter tried the installation of XP3 with Parallels Desktop Build #5584 and Win XP SP2. Everything seemed to go okay on the surface.