Microsoft Showcases Silverlight on Macs at Mix07

In the keynote presentation at Mix07, Microsoft showcased its new cross-platform AV software, Silverlight, on Macs as well as PCs. The embracing of Apple was intended to punctuate Microsoftis cross-platform commitment, according to CRN.

Historically, Microsoft has shown some half-hearted commitment for its software on competing platforms. However, Microsoft is promising that this time will be different, primarily because theyire going up against Adobeis Flash. Scott Guthrie, in fact, spent an extraordinary about of time during his demos on a Mac, so much that one point he said, "and it also runs on Windows!"

Microsoftis Chief Software Architect, Ray Ozzie, claimed that thereis a "comprehensive sea change" going on at Microsoft, that "open" and "interoperable" are the new watchwords, and that his company is moving from pure software to "software plus services."

"Silverlight will go head-to-head with Adobeis Flash, the current dominant platform for online multimedia content," Stacy Cowley wrote for CRN. "Microsoft has long insisted that Silverlight will do things its rivals canit. Those claims got a major boost from Silverlightis dramatic demos at Mix07. Netflix plans to adopt Silverlight as the foundation for its instant-viewing feature; a demo showed off high-quality streaming video overlaid with DVD-like menus and controls. A preview of forthcoming on-demand video functionality from had attendees clamoring for the developing new features to hurry up and get finished."

Despite the fact that Silverlight will be available as a Browser plug-in for Safari and Firefox on the Mac, those wishing to extend services with Microsoftis development tools will still have to use Windows.

Mix07 was Microsoftis second annual conference aimed at Web developers and designers. Itis also been a chance for Microsoft to affirm its commitment to both cross-platform Silverlight as well as its new focus on software as a service. Perhaps Ray Ozzie can put a silver lining in Microsoftis cloud of cross-platform aversion.