Microsoft Sued for Mobile Tracking

Microsoft might be getting its corporate rear-end kicked in the smartphone business, but the company can at least count itself in the company of Google and Apple in one area: Concern over mobile privacy. The company has been sued by a Windows Phone 7 user who accused the company of tracking users even when they request that tracking services on their device be turned off.You Are Here!

Attorneys filing the suit have asked for class action status on behalf of other Windows Phone 7 users, according to a report from Reuters. In court documents, the plaintiff cited a letter that Microsoft sent to Congress in which it claimed it does not collect geolocation data without the express consent of the user.

“Microsoft’s representations to Congress were false,” the plaintiff claimed in the suit.

The specific part of Windows Phone 7 that allegedly violates this is the camera software component of the operating system. The suit accuses the company of transmitting approximate longitude and latitude coordinates to Microsoft when used, whether or not the user had granted permission for such data collection.

The suit is seeking an inunction against Microsoft and punitive damages, and it was filed in the Western District of Washington U.S. District Court.