Microsoft Terminates Support for Office for Mac 2004

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Microsoft has terminated its support of Microsoft Office for Mac 2004 as of January 10, 2012. Support for Office for Mac 2008 will end April 9, 2013, according to Microsoft’s Office for blog.

The blog noted that: “Office 2004 had been in maintenance since the release of Office 2008 and that maintenance period was extended in October 2009 for an additional 2-1/2 years to accommodate customers who needed Visual Basic (VBA) support.”

Ms Office for Mac - SupportVisit the Microsoft site for the live links

Office for Mac 2008 is still for sale and will run on OS X 10.4.9 or later, including OS X Lion. The current version is Office for Mac 2011, now at version 14.1.4, and requires OS X 10.5.8 or later, including Lion.

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LOL My wife’s still using Office X we got in 2001. Runs fine on SL. (The chart above lists when the last update was released, not when the version was first available).

I went over to OpenOffice a number of years ago.


I dropped Orifice when Apple released Pages.

I know Pages isn’t as fully featured (cough: full of crap) as Orifice, but at least it’s not MS and I can do what I need. There’s also the free Bean WP app for those with basic WP requirements.


furbies, are you trying to give orifices a bad name?

I too have made the leap to iWorks and don’t miss anything Office-wise. A few old spreed sheets I open in 2011, but making the jump from 2004, the learning curve was too high and I was already doing most of my new efforts in Numbers.

Pages was a snap to learn and the new Word cumbersome, even more so than 2004. Fortunately, I got 2011 from work so didn’t have to waste my moolah on such drival (no offense to drival).


Office 2011 Mac has the Ribbon Doesn’t it?

I HATE the ribbon. It’s a user interface even worse than Clippy in regards to usability. I have to use Office 2010 on Win 7 at work. I’m looking more and more toward coming up with an excuse to dump it for OO.

Paul Goodwin

We “upgraded” at work to the latest Office on the PCs. I HATE what they did to the user interface. I’ll continue using the 2008 Mac version as long as it will run on the Mac OS that I’m using unless someone on TMO shows me how it is dangerous to do so from a security standpoint. It boggles my mind when I think that there was some kind of approval process at Microsoft that allowed that abomination of a menu system to be released onto it’s customers after being the standard for so long. I agree geoduck. Down with the ribbon, up the revolution.

Office has become superfluous.

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