Microsoft to Cut 5000 Jobs

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Microsoft plans to cut 5,000 employees out of its workforce, starting with a 1,400 cut on Thursday. The company is making the move in response to unanticipated slowing economic activity and IT spending.

The company said in a statement "In light of the further deterioration of global economic conditions, Microsoft announced additional steps to manage costs, including the reduction of headcount-related expenses, vendors and contingent staff, facilities, capital expenditures and marketing. As part of this plan, Microsoft will eliminate up to 5,000 jobs in R&D, marketing, sales, finance, legal, HR, and IT over the next 18 months, including 1,400 jobs today. These initiatives will reduce the company's annual operating expense run rate by approximately $1.5 billion and reduce fiscal year 2009 capital expenditures by $700 million."

Chris Liddell, Microsoft's chief financial officer, added "Economic activity and IT spend slowed beyond our expectations in the quarter, and we acted quickly to reduce our cost structure and mitigate its impact."

Microsoft's layoffs come as the company announced its second quarter earnings. The Windows OS maker reported a 2 percent increase in revenue, but an 8 percent decline in operating income, an 11 percent drop in net income, and a 6 percent EPS decline.

It appears that Microsoft plans to cut jobs across all divisions instead of limiting the layoffs to specific departments. The company did not, however, state whether or not it plans to reduce its Mac software development staff.




Looks like Bill got out at the right time…


Meanwhile, in Cupertino…


They’ve been Zuned. Now they know what to do with all those leftover mp3 players they have.

Parting gifts.


Am I reading this correctly?  They made 17 Billion profit for the year 2008 but they are laying off 5000 employees?

Where is their corporate responsibility to assist with human lives and the economy?;According to insider trading someone seems to be selling a “lot” of stock.


Dollars to donuts, here are a few things that I’d wager were major contributions to the dropoff:

1. Vista
2. XBox billion dollar recall
3. waffling on media support

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