Microsoft to Stream Steve Ballmer CES Keynote

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Microsoft announced this week that the company is streaming CEO Steve Ballmer’s CES keynote presentation on Wednesday. The event takes place starting at 6:30 PST (3:30 EST), and Microsoft is offering it up on its own Web site and on Facebook, though you’ll have to “Like” Microsoft to view it on the social networking site.

Mr. Ballmer is expected to show off the company’s new Windows TV, some new tablet offering or another, and maybe some Windows Phone 7 phones and/or something related to Kinect.

Last year, Mr. Ballmer spent about three minutes showing off a much-anticipated Windows tablet from HP that never saw the light of day. He might have announced some other things, too, but we’re hard pressed to remember what they might have been, and we even had someone at the keynote.

If “Liking” Microsoft is a problem for you, but you still want to watch the keynote, never fear — you can always “Unlike” it when you’re done. If even that is too much, you can view the keynote on Microsoft’s Presspass Web site for media.

Microsoft's Facebook CES Site

Microsoft’s Facebook page for those who haven’t “Liked” the company

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Awwww Too bad
I won’t be able to catch it.
I’ve got absolutely anything else to do that day.

Lee Dronick

“The event takes place starting at 6:30 PST (3:30 PST)”

Is that 6:30 EST?



Get to see the three stooges on stage with Ballmer taking on all three parts.

Bryan Chaffin

Is that 6:30 EST?

Zoinks! Yes it is. Article corrected, and thanks for catching it, Sir Hank. smile


They aren’t really going to stream this clown LIVE, are they?!?


Maybe NBC will pick it up as their next sitcom. Yet another one of their shows I can ignore!!!!

Lee Dronick

I probably won’t watch the entire thing, but I may tune it to see how it looks on a Mac.


It wouldn’t be much fun seeing him dead on stage d’nomder. As a LIVE kickable clown, no one does the chore better. Clowns are meant to be irritating because when they finally leave, there really is something to cheer about. Dragging an unLIVE Steve Ballmer from stage, all anyone could hope for is that the job be done as quickly and gracefully as possible, preferably with a hand over the lens.

[I’m just making a joke in very bad taste, but Steve doesn’t mind or he wouldn’t set himself up as he does. In no way do I want to see Steve hurt. I honestly admire that he can go out and make a fool of himself?time after time after time?and bless the fact that he has a home and wife (who’s blinded by love for Steve or her bottomless charge account) to go to after his performance is over.]

Dean Lewis

I still say Steve Ballmer and The Monster from Young Frankenstein are one and the same. If Ballmer sings “Puttin’ on the Ritz!” I might log in to watch…


They should advertise it as “$#*! Steve Ballmer Says.”


A stream? Kind of like a yellow stream?

hehe; yeah if they do “Puttin on the Ritz” I’ll watch too.

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