Microsoft Unveils Office 365

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Microsoft introduced its latest cloud-based service, Office 365, on Wednesday. The online service is currently available as a public beta includes Web-based version of the Office suite of applications, along with Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and Lync Online.

Office 365 will be available for the iPhone, Windows Phone 7, Android and BlackBerry mobile devices, and will also be accessible from desktop and laptop computers. Users that rely on the Office suite applications on their computer will be able to access Office 365 as well.

For now, the Office 365 beta is available in several countries, but will be offered around the world once the final version is released. Pricing will be geared towards companies with multiple employees and will offer packages including just email up to packages that offer email and app access.

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available as a public beta


Which means Office 365 will be final in 2012, a leap year.

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