MiniMail 2 Adds Snow Leopard Support

| Product News

Indev Software announced the immediate availability of MiniMail 2.0 on Tuesday. The new version of the mini window control add-on for Mail gained support for Mac OS X 10.6, or Snow Leopard.

MiniMail 2.0 offers support for Mac OS X 10.6 including the recent 10.6.2 update, added a multi-window view, added Sparkle updating support, and gained French, German, Danish, and Norwegian localizations.

MiniMail 2.0 is priced at US$12.95 and is available for download at the Indev Software Web site. Upgrades from version 1 cost $4.95.



Just tried it and found it crashed several times.  Mac OS X 10.5.8 with all updates except the just released Sec Update 2009-006.  No other Mail plugins currently installed (old Growl plugin, been and now gone).

I know this company has a lot of respect for some of its other products, but there seems to be problems with this one.

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