Minimalist Cyrillic Tribute to Steve Jobs Unveiled, Statue to be Displayed at Apple

A statue of the late Steve Jobs by sculptor Dragan Radenović was unveiled in Belgrade, Serbia, and according to Serbian newspaper Netokracija, it was selected by Apple to be shown at one of the company's Cupertino offices. The minimalist tribute includes Steve Jobs's bust, two Cyrillic letters, and the roman numerals 0 and 1, representing the binary system used by computers today.

The statue unveiled today is a maquette, the art world's term for a small version of a sculpture made for demonstration or consideration purposes. The final version will be 3 to 5 meters (roughly 10-16 feet) tall.

The statue:


Source: Netokracija

The statue is already garnering negative reviews from fans of Steve Jobs, but according to a Google Translate version of the Netokracija article, it was chosen by Apple's senior management, who liked the imperfections of the piece. It will be displayed at an unspecified branch Apple office in Cupertino.

Mr. Radenović is a world-renowned sculpture, who has done many busts, including a bust of President George H. W. Bush, who sat for the sculpture. His submission was one of 10,200 entered for this particular selection process.

[Via MacRumors]