MiniPlayer Gets Album Art View in iTunes Update

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Apple released iTunes 11.0.3 on Thursday with several changes including a new album artwork view in the MiniPlayer. iTunes is Apple's media player and management app as well as the gateway to the company's music, video, movie, and iOS app stores.

iTunes 11.0.3 adds interface improvements and security patchesiTunes 11.0.3 adds interface improvements and security patches

The 11.0.3 update also added a progress bar to the MiniPlayer, support for viewing album art in Song view, the ability to view multi-album sets as a single album, and improved performance when searching large music libraries. Along with the interface and performance enhancements, the update also patched a security flaw that could allow an attacker to present iTunes with an untrusted certificate that could then let them access sensitive information on your computer.

iTunes now shows album art in Songs viewiTunes now shows album art in Songs view

iTunes 11.0.3 is available as a free download at the Apple website, and the update is available through OS X's built-in software update feature.


Avi Abrams

Can’t resize the MiniPlayer to fit the full screen. No way to see high-res album art anymore. Pretty sad.


Just upgraded.  Right after doing so, the AirPlay button was present, but when I clicked on it, only my computer speakers appeared. (I have a set of SoundSticks hooked up to an older AirPort Extreme base station.) Then, the AirPlay button completely disappeared and I can only listen to music on iTunes through my computer speakers.  A major bug that should have been detected and ironed out before release.


“Can’t resize the MiniPlayer to fit the full screen.”

Why do you think it’s called a MiniPlayer?


Apple refuses to listen to customers who have complained mightily about the un-user-friendly iTunes 11 update. Instead, they focus on improving the MiniPlayer. Oh joy! NOT!

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