Mint 2 Adds iPad Support, Offline Viewing

| Product News announced the immediate availability of Mint 2.0 for iOS on Wednesday. The new version of the financial management app added an iPad-native interface, along with support for viewing budgets and other account information without an Internet connection.

Mint for the iPhone and iPadMint 2.0 includes iPad interface

Version 2 includes native iPhone, iPad and iPod touch display support, shows interactive graphs for account activity, lets users enter pending transactions and cash transactions, offers tags for individual transactions, syncs Mint data with other iOS devices and computers, and more.

Mint is a Web-based service for tracking bank account activity and transactions. It helps with budgeting and tracking savings goals, categorizing transactions, and making it easier to see where your money is being spent.

Mint 2.0 requires a account, and is available as a free download at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.



Still nothing for investments….

Am I alone in stopping at Snow Leopard because I need Rosetta to run Quicken? I can’t find a reason to trash 10+ years of financial records to move to another program just to get Lion.

Also, is there some technical reason Apple couldn’t include Rosetta in Lion? Are they just dumping it for the sake of dumping it?

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