Misfit gets its Fashion on with Ray Fitness Tracker

LAS VEGAS - Misfit is expanding its fitness tracker line again, but instead of a design that replaces your current watch, the new Ray looks like an extra piece of jewelry. Misfit introduced the Ray at CES in Las Vegas on Tuesday, and it looks decidedly different from other fitness trackers on the market.

The Misfit Ray fitness trackerThe Misfit Ray fitness tracker

Instead of a boxy body other dedicated fitness trackers offer, or the flat disk of the Misfit Shine, the Ray is a small aluminum tube shape with either a plastic or leather band. Like the Shine, Ray tracks daily steps, distance traveled, calories burned, and sleep patterns. It also uses a user-replaceable battery for six months of use at a time.

It doesn't have a display, but tapping the Ray lights up a single LED that flashes to show how close you are to your daily fitness goals. Your data syncs via Bluetooth with your iPhone, so you can see more details—like how many steps you've taken so far today.

You can also get vibration alerts for incoming calls and text messages on the Ray, remote-trigger your iPhone camera, control smart lights, and play and pause music.

The Misfit Ray is available for pre-order now in black or rose gold for US$99.99 with a plastic band, or $119.99 with a leather band. It'll ship some time this spring.