MiTube for iPad & iPhone Plays & Downloads YouTube Videos

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Max Weisel released MiTube on Wednesday, an app for both iPad and iPhone that allows users to play YouTube Mobile videos. More interestingly, it allows users to download videos from YouTube, too.

MiTube is free, available now, and it’s a Universal app that works natively on both the iPhone and iPad. If you’re interested in the app, you may want to download it while you can. We’re just sayin’…

MiTube Screenshot

MiTube Screenshot



does it play Flash based videos or just the embedded movie? raspberry

Bryan Chaffin

It’s playing the the videos YouTube offers through its Mobile service, the same service the company launched as a Web app.


Oh, so it’s HTML5

The Flash issue. It’s like lemon juice on an open paper cut. grin


Funny how this looks exactly like MxTube but made it on the app store wink. I think I’ll grab it right now before it’s too late.

[edit]LOL it even has the same icon.[/edit]


I downloaded this app after I saw that it might be pulled from the App Store. Not only does it download videos fine, but the streaming is actually better than the original YouTube app. It lets you watch HQ and HD videos in much better quality than the original app allowed. Download it now or regret it later.


Or jailbreak and get the even more full-featured MxTube wink


isnt it the same as the youtube app?


Downloaded it about 30 min ago. Went back to view some info and the App Store prompts, “your request could not be completed.” Apple must have pulled the app?

John Fisher

30 minutes late! Story of my life! (“your request could not be completed”)


Yep…it has completely vanished.


It’s official. From the developer:

MiTube is officially down. What a ride. Top 7 in less than 24 hours.


Glad I listened to you guys. I didn’t even think I would use it but I figured what the hell, I’ll grab it in case it goes away; well I’ve got it. Now what… watch something I guess. smile

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