Mobee Announces Inductive Charger for Apple Bluetooth Keyboard

Mobee introduced its new Magic Bar on Tuesday, and like its Magic Charger for the Magic Mouse, it charges Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard with inductive charging technology.

Mobee Magic Bar inductive chargerMobee’s Magic Bar inductive charger for Apple’s keyboard

Induction charging uses an electromagnetic field to recharge specially outfitted batteries without requiring any wires to transfer the power into the cells, and the batteries don’t need to be removed from the device for recharging.

The Magic Bar includes a special battery pack that replaces the AA batteries that usually power Apple’s keyboard, and a charging base that can hold the keyboard while in use. The base is powered via USB, so it doesn’t require a special power adapter.

Mobee will start taking pre-orders for the Magic Bar on May 15, and will begin shipping its new inductive charger at the end of June. The Magic Bar is priced at US$59.90.