MobileMe Gets Mail, Calendar Improvements

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Apple revealed new improvements for its MobileMe Web service on Wednesday. The update enhanced Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Gallery access from a Web browser.

Web-based Mail now shows all contact email addresses in the Compose window instead of just home and work, users no longer have to logout before seeing recently added email addresses for contacts, and HTML formatting in messages has been improved.

Exporting vCards from the Web interface for Contacts now exports all text fields, Contact search results when looking for both first and last names has been improved, and Japanese name ordering was improved, too.

Web Calendar performance was improved, offering faster start time when initially accessing the calendar, switching between day, week and month views is more responsive, and the Calendar now remembers the last used view settings and whether or not the To Do panel was visible.

The Gallery now loads faster for home page visitors, and the Login page now shows news and update information.

MobileMe is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows, and is priced at US$99 a year.


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Being able to remember which calendars you want to see is a HUGE deal for those of us who actually use Automator/iCal integration. I have several Automator scripts that run daily, and I don’t want them cluttering up the view in my MobileMe calendar. FINALLY unchecking the “Automator” calendar stays unchecked.


“MobileMe is compatible with Mac OS X and Windows”

Yes, but…Windows with IE6? Firefox 2? Lots of places are still running older versions of Windows and older browsers, and it’s easy to get caught out.  Proceed with caution - don’t assume you’ll be able to access your MobilMe account from anywhere.

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