MobileMe Revamp to be Free, Include Cloud Music Service

Apple is apparently working on a major update for its MobileMe service that includes cloud-based iTunes music, video and photo storage. Unnamed sources speaking with the Wall Street Journal claim the new MobileMe will be free, too, instead of including the current US$99 a year price tag.

The cloud-based iTunes storage will apparently support Internet-based streaming, giving users access to all of their music, video and photo content without needing to store everything on their iPod, iPhone or iPad. Storing iTunes libraries online will also free users from connecting to their computer to sync content.

MobileMe may add new iTunes cloud features

While the idea that Apple might drop the annual subscription fee for MobileMe, that doesn’t exactly fit with the company’s usual operating style. Instead, the company is more likely to break out more features to offer for free, just as it did with Find My iPhone, and continue to offer the full subscription bundle for a price.

Word of the alleged MobileMe update came along with the WSJ’s report that Apple is also working on a smaller and lower priced iPhone model to launch soon.

Apple is said to be planning to launch the redesigned MobileMe some time this summer.