Modding Motorola Phones on a Mac

iPhone, iPhone, iPhone! Motorola RAZR users have got to be feeling like Jan from The Brady Bunch by now with all of this talk about Appleis iPhone. Never fear, you arenit an outcast, and whatis more, you can hack and modify your phone -- despite what your PC-toting friends might think.

Most Motorola cell phone hacks assume you are using a Windows-based PC. Thanks to the moto guide, however, you can find everything you ever wanted to know about flashing, flexing, and seem editing Motorolais RAZR and several other models without touching a PC.

Assuming you are willing to risk voiding your warranty, or potentially hosing your cell phone, hacking can have some advantages. You can modify the phone interface, update phone firmware, potentially enable disabled features, increase audio levels, and maybe even improve reception.

Getting everything set up isnit for the command line-phobic. Some steps involve entering commands in Terminal, and you will also need to have Appleis Developer Tools installed. Luckily, the Developer Tools are free, and included on your Mac installer discs.

Moto4Lin opens the door into your Motorola cell phone.

Youill also need the free Moto4Lin application. the moto guide includes links to everything you need to download, so donit worry about hunting down the links yourself.

There are plenty of pre-built packages you can download to modify your phone, and lots of skins to change the interface, as well. Maxed Mobiles is a good place to start. If you can find them, some hacks will even make your Moto interface look more like, well, an iPhone.

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