Modern Family Episode Revolves Around Trying to Get an iPad

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Mac, iPad, and iPhone sightings have become so commonplace that they seldom warrant mention any more, but we just caught an episode of Modern Family (iTunes link) that revolved around something that will resonate with most Apple fans: Waiting in line for a new Apple product launch.

In episode 1.19, “Game Changer,” Phil is planning on waiting in line to get a new iPad on his birthday, both of which take place on the same day in the episode. Phil’s wife, Claire, wanting to do something nice on his birthday, volunteers to do the line-sitting for him.

And zany hijinks ensue - being Modern Family, most of those zany antics leave the viewer laughing somewhat uncomfortably.

The show got a lot of little details right, too. There was the need for the line itself, and the fact that one had to be in line before dawn to ensure getting an iPad. Nitpickers will note that being in line for this particular product launch is superseded by having pre-orders, but this is TV we’re discussing.

Spoiler: In any event, the episode ends with Phil getting his iPad and blowing out virtual candles just by blowing on the screen, though we’re not sure how that was done.

Modern Family Screen 1
Birthday candles on the iPad.

Modern Family Screenshot 2
Phil blowing the candles out.

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This is definitely the “Happy birthday cake” iPhone app (running pixel doubled). Its description says “Sing along with the melody and then let the person blow the candle. Something magical will happen!” So I guess the candles blow out on their own when the song finishes, and any relationship to the person blowing on them is coincidental, though I guess it would cost me 99? to be sure.

Here’s the app:


The best came at the very end, when he’s lightly caressing the iPad, and he says, “I love you.” His wife, having just entered the room behind him, assumes he spoke to her, and she says “I love you too, honey.”

He glances over toward the camera and sheepishly resumes touching the iPad, now more deliberately to appear purely all-business.

Excellent program. Cool ensemble, clever writing, situations getting more intertwined.

And now it has an iPad! Whooohoooo!

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