Monument Valley: Brilliant, Beautiful iOS Game

| Quick Look Review

Monument Valley (US$3.99; compatible with the iPhone 4+, iPad, and iPod touch) is an unusually lovely, entertaining iOS game. It’s been getting all sorts of accolades—deservedly so, in my opinion—and it’s even been named an App Store Editors’ Choice, with the huge in-store banner to prove it. (Boy, I’ll bet that made the developers squeal like schoolgirls.)

The gameplay is simple. You touch the screen to move a character around various puzzles, and in many cases, you can manipulate in-world objects to get to places that seem inaccessible.

It doesn’t have a ton of story, but what there is is endearing and fun.

So what makes Monument Valley so cool and different? The game’s been compared to an M. C. Escher painting, and that’s quite apt. You’ll manipulate staircases into different planes to get where you’re going; you’ll walk around Möbius-strip paths; your poor brain will be forced to ignore (or use!) illusions to advance in the game. I wouldn’t call the puzzles difficult, necessarily, but they’re engaging. If you enjoy games like “The Room,” I'll bet you'll like this one, too.

My only complaint about Monument Valley is that it seemed so short (around 90 minutes of gameplay for me). Even with that, I found it well worth the $3.99, and I honestly think this is one of the most memorable iOS gaming experiences I’ve had. Thank goodness that the developer, ustwo, has stated on their blog that they’ll be releasing more levels in the future. Guys and gals, if you could get right on that—like, now—I’d appreciate it.

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Agreed. A nice game and I look forward to more levels. I also hope the levels will be a little more difficult.

Besides ‘The Room’ (which I loved), what other games are out there like this that I might enjoy?


Melissa Holt

Hey Mike! grin

My very favorite iOS games of all time are “The Silent Age” and “Forever Lost.” They’re escape-the-room puzzlers, which I’m partial to. “The Silent Age,” especially, was just so much fun—plus, it’s free!

You might also enjoy “Tiny Thief,” which is cutesy but pretty awesome in its own, errr, tiny way.



Thanks Melissa.

I’ve played “The Silent Age” and enjoyed that one as well. Looking forward to more from them as well.

I’ll check out “Forever Lost” and “Tiny Thief” this weekend, thanks!

: )

Melissa Holt

No prob! Let me know what you think!


Thanks for this and the game recommendations in the comments. @MacMike, ‘The Room Two’ has been released if you haven’t heard.

Terry Orin

Amazing game. If you guys like these type of games, check out Nightmare Land for the iPad.


If you like puzzle games, I HIGHLY recommend The Room and The Room 2. They remind me very much of MYST, which at one time was the highest selling computer game. INCREDIBLE graphics and interesting puzzles abound.

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