More Reports Claim Apple Bought

Word that Apple bought the domain from Xcerion surfaced Thursday, and now another anonymous source has stepped forward to back up that report. The new source claimed that Apple has, in fact, bought the domain, but didn’t offer up any confirmation about the alleged US$4.5 million price tag.

More reports say Apple bought icloud.comApple bought Seems likely.

News of the second unnamed source comes courtesy of AllThingsD. GigaOM offered up its own anonymous source earlier who also said the deal set Apple back over $4 million.

Adding a little more credibility to both reports, Xcerion has rebranded its icloud online storage service as CloudMe, and the domain redirects to

Assuming both reports are legit, Apple may be planning on using the domain with its rumored online media storage service that’s expected to launch as a new MobileMe feature. The feature is expected to allow MobileMe subscribers to store music they purchase from the iTunes Store and other content from their iTunes library online, and then listen to that content from their computer or iOS devices.

Apple and Xcerion aren’t commenting on the alleged domain purchase.