myPhoto Updated To Version 1.2, Adds Slideshow Mode And Bug Fixes

Using iPhoto, you can automatically build sites to showcase your photo collection. But what if you want to publish such a site to somewhere other than an iDisk? Thatis where Michael Mulliganis myPhoto comes in. myPhoto lets you build a Web site of iPhoto images on any server, including the one built into OS X. The new version of myPhoto adds a slideshow mode, bug fixes, and new administration options. From Michael Mulligan:

myPhoto 1.2 automatically shares all of your photo albums, captions, etc from iPhoto onto your personal web site with a search engine and much more. This release adds a localization engine (as well as full English, French, German, and Russian translations). Added a slideshow mode, the ability to resize images, new admin options, and much more including several bug fixes. Freeware, requires Mac OS X and iPhoto 2.

myPhoto is available now. The product is distributed for free at Michael Mulliganis Web site.