MyMac Source: New iMacs & Minis In Warehouse, Ready for Tuesday

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Apple will be announcing and releasing new iMac and Mac mini models Tuesday, March 3rd, according to a report at John Farr reports that a retail source is claiming to have new models in boxes in his company's warehouses, ready for release on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, Mr. Farr's source has another source, so we'd suggest reading the story with a big bag of salt on hand. Fortunately, as of this writing, Tuesday is only a few hours away.

Apple does traditionally announce new products on Tuesday, though major product revs tend to happen at media events. The next rev of the iMac could well be an evolutionary upgrade, however, and those seldom get media events dedicated to them.

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May or may not be indicative, but is showing all Mac Mini’s as “only available online” and being “sold out online” tonight.



Mini will be a 2.16 GHz processor minimum with the new five USB port config and still have FireWire. Biggest unknown is the GPU. Is it system based, or a dedicated graphics processor (which in most cases is better and faster).

I’m hoping for the latter. It will make the “entry” level Mac not so entry level. Imagine the reduction of kilowatt hours used (not to mention the overall noise factor) if I can switch from a G4 tower to a Mini???


at the beginning of last year almost every tuesday apple adds new products to their stores, we will soon find out smile

Apple will only have an event on “hopefully” something bigger than a CPU change smile

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