Natalie Kerris Leaves Apple PR

Apple PR veteran Natalie Kerris announced Wednesday she is leaving Apple. Ms. Kerris said on Twitter that, "After 14 amazing years at Apple, it's time to move on and see what adventures life holds for me next!" Her tweet included a photograph of the great Steve Jobs quote about moving on to new thing after you've done something great.

Ms. Kerris was a fixture in Apple PR who came up under the reign of Katy Cotton. She was excellent at her job, especially when that job was controlling access to Apple.

As I have noted many times in the past, Apple PR's role was unique in the world of public relations in that their task was to limit information to journalists, rather than be conduits for information. Most companies are desperate for the press to say something, anything, about them, but that's simply not the case with Apple.

However, Apple began loosening up in the wake of Steve Jobs's passing in 2011. Katie Cotton, who was Steve Jobs's right hand person, left Apple in May of 2014. Steve Dowling and Natalie Kerris were both reportedly vying for the job of replacing Ms. Cotton; whether or not that's the case, it was Steve Dowling who was placed in temporary charge of Apple PR after Ms. Cotton left. On April 17th of 2015, he was named Vice President of Communications.

And now Natalie Kerris is stepping down.

14 years is a long run for any high pressure job, and Apple PR is certainly that, a high pressure job. Ms. Kerris is supremely competent and capable, and I imagine the corporate world will beat a path to her door looking to bring her on.