Nest Thermostat Reportedly Coming to Apple Retail Stores

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Nest Sold at Apple Stores

Apple will soon offer the Nest Learning Thermostat through both its online and retail Apple Stores, iLounge reported Friday. The internet- and iOS-enabled thermostat will sell for $249.

Nest, a digital thermostat that “learns” over time based on user behavior, was released to much media interest late last year. The product’s parent company, Nest Labs, was co-founded in 2010 by former Apple senior vice president and iPod creator Tony Fadell.

The Nest attracted the attention of tech consumers and media not just due to its creator’s heritage, but also as a result of the undeniably “geeky” nature of the device. Internally, the Nest uses a “combination of sensors, algorithms, machine learning, and cloud computing” to learn from user behavior how to best maintain a home’s environmental settings while optimizing energy efficiency.

Externally, the device is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing users with mobile devices to access their Nest via a free app, with which they can remotely adjust temperature settings, view historical data, and estimate energy usage.

The Nest itself is also beautifully and simply designed, with just a single control dial, paying homage its iPod step-sibling and it has received mostly positive reviews since its launch. If you can’t wait for Apple to start selling them, you can pick one up now at other retailers, such as Lowes, or via Nest’s website.

A promotional video demonstrating the Nest is embedded below:

[via 9to5Mac]



Too bloody expensive for me. Early adopter pricing? I would not be surprised if similar devices sell for half as much in a few years.


You tell them iBuck… course if it does save enough in energy to pay for itself in a year, you just lost $250 a year waiting.  I just ordered mine…........

Mike E

I bought one when it first became available.  It is simply the best thermostat I have ever seen.  I’ve had several over the years, trying to find a really good programmable thermostat.  This is the best!  Definitely worth the price.  Really enjoy the App for it.


ldrhawke said:

off course if it does save enough in energy to pay for itself in a year, you just lost $250 a year waiting.

If you don’t already have a programmable t-stat, you probably can save some money. But you don’t have to spend $250 for a few additional bells and whistles, when there are lots of programmable thermostats available, from $30 to $130.

If you’re happy with your Nest purchase, that’s fine too.

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