NetAirus Sues Apple Over iPhone Concept

NetAirus Technologies filed a lawsuit against Apple over claims that the iPhone infringes on a patent it owns. Unlike other patent cases that target specific technologies, the NetAirus lawsuit alleges that entire iPhone concept infringes on its patent.

The patent in question describes a wireless handset communication system, including “A small light weight modular microcomputer based computer and communications systems, designed for both portability and desktop uses.”

The patent also states “The system may be capable of performing, personal digital assistant (PDA), cellular telephone, conventional notebook computer, desktop computer functions.”

The description sounds very similar to the iPhone, as well as smartphone devices from RIM, Palm, HTC, Google and Microsoft. The lawsuit, however, targets the iPhone, iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

NetAirus Technologies filed its lawsuit in the Central District of California Western Division. The company is asking for cash damages and for the court to block Apple from manufacturing the iPhone.

[Thanks to The Loop for the heads up.]