New 3D Renderings Put iPad mini Rumors In Perspective

Renderings and a 3D model of the widely expected “iPad mini” were released Wednesday by CiccareseDesign and MacRumors. The renderings offer Apple fans a high-quality example of what an iPad mini might look like according to rumors thus far.

The design incorporates rumors of a 7.85-inch screen, thin side bezels, and the thickness of an iPod touch.

iPad mini rendering

iPad mini Rendering by CiccareseDesign and MacRumors

One area where CiccareseDesign’s rendering differs from some rumors is the location of the headphone jack. Although leaked cases and some part leaks for the iPad mini show the headphone jack on the top, similar to the current iPad design, recent leaks indicate that the final version will feature the jack on the bottom of the device.

The taper of the edges of the device also remains in question. Information reportedly obtained from case manufacturer specifications indicates a steeper taper on the edges, with greater similarity to that of the iPod touch than the current iPad. Conversely, a purported design prototype shows the iPad mini with significantly less tapered edges. The CiccareseDesign rendering takes a middle-of-the-road approach and features a taper like that of the current iPad.

While the rendering is one of the best examples thus far of how the iPad mini may look, especially relative to an iPad, it should be noted that it is entirely based upon rumored specifications and unverified part leaks. Such information has offered the Apple community a relatively good look at future Apple products in the past, but until Apple announces the product, likely later this fall, any aspect of the device is free to change.