New Account Types Hint at Pending MobileMe Changes

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Some MobileMe subscribers account type changed from “Individual” to “Full Member” overnight, raising speculation that Apple may be planning to introduce some changes to the online service during its annual World Wide Developers Conference next week. Previously, MobileMe subscribers were listed as either “Individual” or “Family Pack.”

The addition of “Full Member” has added fuel to the rumor that Apple is planning on dropping the US$99 annual fee for MobileMe and making the service free. What seems more likely, however, is that a tiered plan is in the works where current MobileMe subscribers will have access to more features than new subscribers that choose a reduced feature set.

MobileMe’s new “Full Member” status

The status type change may also be a new way for Apple to track who has paid for the MobileMe service, and who signed up for trial accounts, but never paid for the service.

Apple isn’t saying whether or not it has new plans in store for MobileMe, but CEO Steve Jobs will be hosting the company’s keynote presentation on June 7 to kick off this year’s WWDC event, and that would be a perfect time to announce service changes.

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Mine still says “Individual” and I’m fully paid up for another 200+ days.
The new beta for Mail online is pretty decent; a big improvement so far.

iSki iMac

My “Family Pack - Master” has changed to ?Full Member?.

My “Family Pack - Member” has not changed.


Account Type: “Full Member”

is the old .Mac accounts.

Now with MobileMe, it is “Individual” for single users.

Lee Dronick

Mine still shows “Family Pack - Master”

Some level of free cloud service is probably in the offing. Note that the Developer’s Conference is next week and maybe Steve will make an announcement about MobileMe. Apple is also building a data farm in North Carolina.


Hmmm. I’ll have to check my home iMac to see if it’s different there. It says Individual online as well. Interesting.


Account Type: ?Full Member? is the old .Mac accounts. Now with MobileMe, it is ?Individual? for single users.

How can someone still have an “old .Mac account” in 2010? If you have stayed with the service you have switched to MobileMe.

FWIW, mine says “individual.”


We were grandfathered in.  Have both .mac and .me


If you remember, when it first came out it was free.
Price went up with added features


We were grandfathered in.? Have both .mac and .me

Yeah, me too, I’ve been using it since it was called iTools, but the service is now MobileMe either way. And my MobileMe account type is “Individual.”


Mine still says individual. I’ve been with it since the iTools days as well.


On since 2000. Individual.


It will be great to have an email ends with and can’t wait to discard the moniker.


Mine did display ‘Full Member’, now it’s back to ‘Family Pack - Master’.

iSki iMac

Mine did display ?Full Member?, now it?s back to ?Family Pack - Master?.

Mine too. Interesting….......

Lee Dronick

It will be great to have an email ends with and can?t wait to discard the moniker.

I don’t think that we will see public email addresses, those are reserved for Apple employees. If there are free MobileMe services coming then the email addresses will probably still have the TLD.

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