New App Allows Windows Access from iPad

DeviceVM announced on Friday the immediate availability of Splashtop Remote for the iPad. The app allows users to access and control a PC, experiencing Windows from their iPad.

This, in part, solves the problem of limited capability of the iPad for content creation.

“Tablets and other mobile devices are great for content consumption and work well as companions to the PC. However, as the popularity of these non-PC devices grows, computing experiences are becoming increasingly fragmented,” said Mark Lee, CEO and co-founder of DeviceVM. “Splashtop Remote brings the full Windows computing experience to non-PC devices, starting with iPad, bridging the gap between computing platforms.”

Splashtop Remote-1

Features include:

  • Watch videos and play music stored on their PC, whether in iTunes, Windows Media Player, or any other format.
  • Play PC and Flash-based games, such as Bloons or Bejeweled.
  • Work on Microsoft Office documents, including Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, and access Microsoft Outlook.
  • Open any files and documents that you can view on the PC.
  • Fully control the PC remotely.


Splashtop Remote-2

A special application must also be downloaded and installed on the PC. Windows versions supported include Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP. For more information, visit:

Splashtop Remote for the iPad is immediately available in the Apple App Store and is regularly priced at US$19.99 with a special introductory price of US$6.99 for a limited time. TMO will publish a review soon.