New iPhone 4 Pre-Order Ship Date Slips Again, to July 14th

Apple’s ship date for new iPhone 4 pre-orders has slipped again, to July 14th. iPhone 4 that were pre-ordered Tuesday, June 15th, will ship on June 24th, and pre-orders processed earlier on Wednesday will still ship on July 2nd, but the Apple Store is currently showing a shipping date of July 14th for new iPhone 4 pre-orders.

Both Apple and AT&T have noted massive sales of the device, with AT&T announcing Tuesday that June 15th was the company’s busiest day in history. Apple announced Wednesday morning that it had accepted 600,000 pre-orders for the device, which was also a record number of pre-orders for the company.

We would encourage anyone who has not yet pre-ordered an iPhone 4 who wants to get one any before Summer turns to Fall to pre-order as soon as they can. In fact, do so through our affiliate program at the Apple Store and help fund the content you read at The Mac Observer!

iPhone 4

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