New iPhone May Sport Smaller Connector, Block some Accessories

Rumors say the next iPhone drops the 30-pin dock connectorNew rumors are claiming that when Apple ships its next iPhone models the traditional 30-pin dock connector will be replaced with a smaller 19-pin connector. That new connector may include new technology, too, that blocks accessories that haven’t been approved by Apple.

According to TechCrunch, the new port will be similar to Thunderbolt, but with a different pinout. The publication also said it received information from three sources confirming the new dock port size.

Adding to the rumor, tech pundit Robert Scoble claimed his sources said the new port will make it “nearly impossible to make unlicensed devices.” He added that the new connector will be magnetic, just like the MacBook Pro MagSafe charger.

Apple hasn’t commented on what it has planned for the next generation iPhone, so for now we’re treating these reports as nothing more than rumors.