New iPod nano Goes Multitouch [Updated]

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Along with a new generation iPod shuffle, Apple CEO Steve Jobs also showed off the new iPod nano. The new model dumps the Click Wheel found on earlier versions in favor of a multitouch display.

The new iPod nano includes a clip like the iPod shuffle, and Apple is calling it “instantly wearable.” The new model supports VoiceOver,  rotating the screen orientation, organizing the built-in apps across multiple screens, and is small enough that at least one Apple executive plans on wearing theirs as a watch. It also supports Shake to Shuffle, includes a built-in FM radio, and a built-in pedometer, but drops the video camera found in the previous generation nano.

Apple’s multi-touch iPod nano

Apple’s latest iPod nano is barely bigger than the iPod shuffle at 1.61 x 1.48-inches and weighs 0.74 ounces. Its screen measures 1.54-inches diagonally and sports a 240x240-pixel resolution, and Apple claims it offers 24 hours music playback time.

Like other iPods, the new iPod nano ships with a USB Dock connector cable and earbuds. It will be available next week in blue, pink, green, gold, silver and red, and is priced at US$149 for the 8GB model, and $179 for the 16GB model. Pre-orders are available now.

[Updated with additional iPod nano details.]



i can just see the accessory makers cranking out wrist-bands for this to go on; especially after I saw that analog clock-face screen and Steve made that watch comment.


This is the new shuffle. Why on earth would Apple take away so many features from the nano? They would have to take away the camera, screen size, battery life and other things to fit it into this form factor. It probably wouldn’t even have video playback. Plus, the cases had cutouts for a clip. I think the new nano will be the 2.8” iPod touch that has been rumored.

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