New Mac Pros to Include 6-Core Xeon Processor

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Apple's latest iMac Core i7 processor can outperform the current crop of Mac Pro models, but the rumor mill thinks that will change with new pro-level Macs that sport Intel's Xeon Gulftown processor. The Gulftown chip will include six cores, and the Mac pro will allegedly use a dual-core version of the processor for 12 cores per machine, according to Hardmac.

PCLab posted performance results for the Gultown chip, called i9, but later pulled the data at Intel's request. According to the site, the i9 is set to launch in the first quarter of 2010.

The i9 uses a 32nm manufacturing process and will apparently offer a 50 percent performance improvement compared to quad core versions of Xeon processors at equivalent chip speeds. It will also use 50 percent less power in idle mode and 10 percent less power when running at peak levels.

Apple isn't confirming whether or not it plans to use the i9 in new Mac Pro models, but it seems reasonable since the chip would create a clear performance distinction between the company's pro and consumer computers.

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Jeff Gamet

The timing seems right, so it wouldn’t surprise me to see new Mac Pro models next spring sporting shiny new i9 chips.


@Jeff not to mention that the Core i7 iMacs have been tested as faster on some tasks than the current 8 Core Mac Pros.


Don’t you mean a dual chip version of the Mac Pro?

Six cores per chip, two chips per computer, twelve cores total.

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