New Macintosh Help Website Debuts

Scott Haneda and Caroline Merchiers have launched the first basic Macintosh help Website,, on Wednesday. It claims to bring a new perspective to the Mac help Websites currently available.

The new site is designed for the beginning Mac user, whether they just purchased their first computer or just their first Macintosh, and covers everything that has to do with setting up and using their new Mac, no matter how small.

"As more and more people are buying their first Macintoshes, more and more people are in need of a good foundation for how to use their new computer" said Caroline Merchiers.

The goal was to build a site that wasnit overwhelming and confusing for the first time Mac user, and where there would never be any "stupid questions."

"My goal is to explain in excruciatingly simple detail, the most basic of functions to learning how to use your computer," explained Scott Haneda. "If you are on your second or third Macintosh, this site probably will not be of much benefit to you. On the other hand, you never know what you may stumble upon."

The site will be updated with a new tutorial each day, and users are encouraged to ask questions and leave comments.